The Capricorn’s are mostly middle level players. The Capricorn’ starts their career from their humble beginning; and quickly rises to an important level in the organization by cultivating their skills in a proper manner. The Capricorn maintains extreme patience and bears all kind of insult to learn all the skills and the techniques involved in the job.

To accelerate their growth into faster mode, the Capricorn tries to find the wrongdoing of others. The Capricorn tries to position them by making use of the errors/faults committed by others. Next the Capricorn tries to play everyone with one another by their tactful skills.

The Capricorn would work hard on their job responsibilities; even commit them into various other business responsibilities. The Capricorn would create a situation where it is extremely difficult to find a suitable person to replace them. Thus the Capricorn makes their career into secure mode.


The employer of the Capricorn would treat them as their trusted aide; the Capricorn would oblige all the dictates of their employer. Thus they earn the goodwill and get to know the official & personal secrets of their employer.
This emboldens them to behave in a most irresponsible manner. The Capricorn uses this position to bolster their financial strength. The Capricorn will play a double game with both the employer & the employees. 

The Capricorn could end up unwanted by the both the groups at the later stage too. The Capricorn could really shine in their jobs; if they don’t speak much.


The Capricorn maintains strict control over their business. They never trust anyone and keep direct vigil on all matters. The Capricorn will never show any mercy to anyone; the vendors, customers and their employees too.

The Capricorn wants the perfect sales and collection of dues; they become so aggressive if there are any obstacles on it. The Capricorn would not allow the employees to work more than a single day; if there employment already served its purpose. The Capricorn employer will not have mercy on their employees; and the employees will maintain grievance against their employer. 


If anyone borrows money from the Capricorn, it would land them into a trap; they would undergo a lifetime nightmarish experience. If the Capricorn borrows money from other, it would be next to impossible to get their money back. The Capricorn will fight to the finish if they are cheated in the money matters; it is better to keep away from the Capricorn on any money related matters or disputes.


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