It is hard to find the Capricorn people without having any grievances or troubles with their spouses. The Capricorn people relationship with their spouse keeps changing day by day.

The Capricorn does not adjust with their spouse; nor accommodate the views of their spouse. Thus the adamant attitudes make the Capricorn to be at loggerheads with their spouse. The Capricorn tortures their spouse either physically or mentally. If the spouses resist/fight the Capricorn, then the Capricorn will resort to low-intensity torture by drowning them into addiction of drugs/alcohol. They also make the life of the spouse more hellish by their indecent behavior. The trouble free marriage life is possible only if the Capricorn changes their behavioral pattern.


The Capricorn loves their children very much; but does not know to express their feelings explicitly. The Capricorn’ shows the same inflexibility and the ruggedness towards their children too. This forces their children to stay away from the Capricorn. 

Thus the Capricorn invariably develops fear psychosis in the minds of their children. Most of the Capricorn does not understand the tender feelings of the children. The Capricorn has a strong belief that by looking after the economic needs of the children that they have fulfilled their job as a parent.

Thus it creates deep rooted chasm between the Capricorn and their children. Thus the Capricorn does not enjoy the affection of their children in their old age


The Capricorn would accuse their parents for their bad luck and the state of their lifestyle. The Parents has no other option but to pray to the God after exhausting every hope.


The Capricorn will be a thorn in the flesh of their brothers/sisters. The Brothers/ sisters either have to face a hostile Capricorn brother or should be in a position to help the Capricorn always. But the Capricorn’s are the first to arrive at their brother/sister rescue if there are any emergencies. The Capricorn would keep their differences aside and fight for the brother’s cause. Thus the Capricorn’s are looked upon as a savior by their family members, whenever there is any emergency like situation develops within the family.  


The Capricorn’s are likely to have deep knowledge on the interested subjects. Thus the family & the relatives seek the help of the Capricorn, if any doubts or problem arises in the particular area where the Capricorn’s are supposed to have good knowledge. But the Capricorn’ helps comes only with some costs. Thus the Capricorn earns very bad reputation within their family members for their paid services.

The Capricorn’s are very particular in the financial transactions. The Capricorn’ anger and frustration reaches its zenith, when they do not receive their dues. The Capricorn’ will use all foul languages on anyone whatever their position from the high and mighty to sundry. Thus the relatives prefer to move out of the house, when the Capricorn’s are within the house. 


The Capricorn’ prefers to be friendly with anyone, if that friendship brings them any gains or profits. The Capricorn’ uses only the monetary gains as their yardsticks for keeping anyone as friends. The Capricorn maintain close and intimate relationship their so called friends when they are already benefited/ benefiting now/ likely to benefit later. They even share their confident personal matters even to a stranger; when the Capricorn’s are likely to be benefited.

The Capricorn’s will easily forget their intimate friends, when the friend is financially of no use. The Capricorn’ will act as trusted friends/employee till their financial needs are met. Thus the Capricorn’ will be stripped of good friends in their old age.

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