The Capricorn’s are tough, adamant and jealous in nature. The Capricorn’s are very ambitious in their life; they like to come up very fast. The Capricorn people choose to become rich at the minimum possible time. The Capricorn people do not prefer the slow and tedious route of hard work.

The Capricorn does not mind choosing any method that brings them the immediate gains and the benefit. Thus the Capricorn people do not feel any qualms about involving them in all types of illegal, immoral and illegitimate ways.

The Capricorn people has very sharp mind; they easily recognize any changes that happens around them. They easily track down all kind of corruption, forgery and criminal activities. Thus the Capricorn will earn lot of enemies and opponents in their lifetime.

The Capricorn does not have any control over their mind and mouth. The Capricorn will not store anything in their mind; but prefer to flush the entire information through their mouth. Thus the Capricorn peoples do not maintain any secrecy in their life. Thus they earn all kinds of bad names from their family members, friends and in known circles.

Thus the Capricorn will be avoided in important discussions in the family and in the workplaces too. The Capricorn will not realize their mistakes; rather they find fault with others.

The Capricorn will perform better if they are accompanied by the good people; and badly if they are close to the questionable characters. 


The Capricorn people looks extremely stronger; but they lack the willpower to face any exigency. The Capricorn will not be able to control their mind and passions. These qualities force the Capricorn to look for short term remedies. Thus most of the Capricorn’s are addicted to alcohol & drugs.

The Capricorn’ will never listen to any advice or counseling; but move forward in their direction. The Capricorn will realize their mistakes only after learning through hard methods. 

The Capricorn will never hesitate to involve in any illegal activity; if that brings gains or benefits to them. Thus the Capricorn would earn lot of bad reputation too. These activities sometimes would lead the Capricorn into troubles with the legal authorities.


The Capricorn’s are too sensitive and keep their mind in the agitated state; thus they are prone too much of frustration and depression. When the Capricorn loses their control over their mind, they will explode violently with anger. That time is quiet dangerous too; it could even lead to scuffle or more serious troubles. The Capricorn’s are used to vent their anger when they fail in their stated objectives.


Most part of the humor of the Capricorns are about imitating the behavior of other persons; the Capricorn are quiet happy about commenting on the private lifestyle of their opponents.


The Capricorn portrays them as a tough, terrific and aggressive personality. The Capricorn tries to instill fear on the minds of their friends, family, colleagues, spouse and neighbors. But in reality, the Capricorn’s are very weak minded, fearful and crestfallen personality. Only very few known person could understand the true character of the Capricorn.

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