The Capricorn gives least attention to their beauty and appearance. The Capricorn’s are often scolded & ridiculed by their colleagues, friends and even by the family members about their shabby dresses, unclean habits and peculiar behavior. The Capricorn’ does not attach much significance to these comments. The Capricorn’s are often at loggerheads with their spouse over these issues.


The Capricorn could be afflicted with skin related sickness (allergy, rashes and cut wounds), indigestion (unhealthy food habits), liver & nerves (drugs & alcohol) and problems in the sexual organs.

The Capricorn could be affected in their middle age with either of these problems. But the Capricorn never worries too much about their illness; they take it as part of their routine lifestyle.


The Capricorn eats anything that is edible; they are more interested in spicy and hot foods. The Capricorn’s are too comfortable, when they do not have to pay. The Capricorn eats heavily in their young age; but gets reduced by the time the Capricorn reaches their middle age.


The Capricorn’s are specialized in creating opponents and enemies. The Capricorn creates more and more controversy through their speeches. They believe everyone and share their views so openly that it reaches the intended person very easily. 

The opponents of the Capricorn do not come out so openly to fight out with the Capricorn; for the fear of strong retribution and reprisals from the Capricorn. Thus the Capricorn enjoys limited safety and security from their enemies.


The Scorpio’ has little interests in arts, culture and cultural programs. The Scorpio’s entertainments are different; partying with lot of booze and drugs. The Scorpio’s are interested in attending games in casino, legal and illegal betting. 

The Capricorn’s entertainments are not complete without the involvement in the sexual activities. But the Capricorn becomes happier if everything comes free or without higher costs. 


The Capricorn’s are tailored to the needs of the political activities. The Capricorns are fully qualified to come out successful in the political arena. The Capricorn occupies the post of middle level player/power brokers in the political career. They are successful both inside a political party or being apolitical; they act as good intermediates within various players.

The Capricorn can be found as personal assistants to important political functionaries. The Capricorn would finish the job in a perfect fashion for their political masters after getting their pound of flesh.

The Capricorn’ rises to the highest position after deceiving many others that come in their way. The Capricorn will not show any mercy to the political opponents. Thus the Capricorn registers their presence in the political field.

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