The ruggedness does not allow the Capricorn to be soft, gentle and polite. The Capricorn does not even know that how to start the romance and continue with the love affairs. The arrogance and aggressiveness of the Capricorn would force the girl to be very fearful of the Capricorn.

The Capricorn would be greatly disturbed and agitated by the response of the girls to their love and the romance proposals. Also the Capricorn would find it difficult to draw a line between the romance and the sex. 

The Capricorn’s insistence on sex at the primary level creates some negative image on their reputation too.


The Capricorn’s are very sensitive and inquisitive about the love, romance and the sex. Thin line divides the romance and sex for the Capricorn. The sexual necessities of the Capricorn’ forces them to indulge in romance too.

The Capricorn’ expresses their preference of love in a dramatic/negative manner. The Capricorn does not study in depth about the partner’s profile before committing them into the romance. The Capricorn rushes their decision on choosing their romance partner; later regrets on taking the urgent decision.

When the Capricorn’ love proposal is being accepted, then the Capricorn begins to show their extreme pleasure and affection to their partner. The Capricorn’ would give royal treatment to their partner; they place their partner above their life. The Capricorn begins to obey all the commands given out by the partner.

If the Capricorn’s love proposal is being rejected, then also the Capricorn will not be depressed or disappointed. After few days, the Capricorn would emerge as a normal person and do not show any sign of disappointment. The Capricorn would again start afresh from the beginning. 


The Capricorn will eventually lose their attention on their spouse; once their initial euphoria on the sex is over. Thus the Capricorn would eventually alienate their spouse; by slowly drifting away from the relationships.

The Capricorn’s are questioned by their spouse for their omission and commissions. This angers the Capricorn very much and starts to show their real characters. This creates very big rift between the Capricorn & their spouse.

The Capricorn takes this as an excuse to indulge in alcohol and drugs; thus further strain develops between the Capricorn and their spouse. The Capricorn harasses their spouse in an extreme manner to circumvent their lapses and faults. The Capricorn stands accused of damaging their married life; the married life could be salvaged only if the partner’s are adjustable.


The Capricorn has strong interests for sex; they even take the extreme risk for the fulfillment of their sexual desire. The Capricorn goes to the extent of pawning their time, money, job and even the reputation for indulging in their favorite sexual activities. The Capricorn’ has varied interests in the sex ranging from the normal to the abnormal relationships.

The Capricorn would look for their own satisfaction; thus they pressurize their partners for more sex. The harassment meted out by the Capricorn would force their partner to rethink on their relationships. The Capricorn would opt for multiple sex partners to satisfy their sexual needs.

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