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"Effects of Vakri Shani for the Makara Rasi (Capricorn Sign)":

The Shani becomes Vakri (moving in a retrograde manner) from 18.02.2013. At present the Shani is traversing in the Thula rasi (Libra sign), where it maintain friendly relationship with the Sukra, who has the lordship over the Libra sign. 

The Shani attains exalted strength in the Thula rasi (libra sign). A graha attains neecha status (Debilitated position) by moving in a retrograde manner (Vakri) when it is placed in the exalted house. The Thula rasi is a 10th house for the Makara rasi (Capricorn sign), which is considered to be a neutral house.

The Makara rasi (Capricorn sign) is itself owned by the Shani itself along with another house Kumbha rasi (Aquarius sign). Thus the Shani owns two important houses Lagna and 2nd house to the Makara rasi (Capricorn sign). The Shani becomes powerless by moving in a retrograde manner (Vakri) in the exalted position in the Thula rasi. Hence the Shani would not be able to deliver anything good to the Makara rasi (Capricorn sign). Let us see the effects of Vakri Shani on the Makara rasi (Capricorn sign).

1. The Makara rasi (Capricorn sign) would not be able to pursue the goals in their professional areas. 

2. The Makara rasi (Capricorn sign) would find stagnation on their financial positions.

3. The Makara rasi (Capricorn sign) would experience pressure in their family matters too.

4. The inappropriate words by the Makara rasi (Capricorn sign) could create problems too. 


The Makara rasi (Capricorn sign) would experience a lull in their good times; and would feel that the family and financial issues do not work as per their plan. The Makara rasi (Capricorn sign) could expect a positive turn around from June 2013. The Vakri Shani (Retrograde Shani) do not affect the Makara Rasi in a big way.

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