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Capricorn Career & Finances 2018 October:

Makar Rashifal 2018 October
Makara Rasi Palangal 2018 October

 The following table would indicate the comfort levels of various issues that defines your career & the finances. The Green to Yellow to Orange to Red would indicate the comfort to the medium comfort to discomfort to the difficulties level on each issue. 

Capricorn Career & Finances 2018 October
2018 Mid-October Makara Rasi Palan
2018 End October Capricorn Career & Finances

The below mentioned table would indicate the performance levels of various issues in your career & finances, The Level "0" would indicate the Poor performances to the "8" would indicate the best performances. 

Capricorn Financial Prediction 2018 October
2018 Mid-October Capricorn Career Horoscope
2018 End October Makara Rasi Palangal

How to read the table? 

1. Career Growth & Opportunities: This would indicate your expected results on your new job searches and job promotions in the existing company.
2. Career Stability & Performances: This would indicate the stability of your career position; and the ability to finish any of your professional tasks.
3. HR & Labour Relationships: This would indicate the cooperation level from the juniors (or) the performances levels of the Juniors
4. Colleagues & Partnerships: This would indicate the level of cooperation from your colleagues & the business Partners.
5. Employers/Seniors/Authorities: This would indicate the level of cooperation from your employers/seniors at the workplace (or) this would indicate the level of ties with the Government & Controlling bodies for the Business. 
6. Income & Profits: This would indicate the level of income (or) the size of Profits (or) the amount of money that flows in. 
7. Debts & Borrowings: This would indicate the level of debts (or) the capability to borrow.
8. Expenses: This would indicate the level of expenses (or) the ability to manage your financial commitments. 
9. Assets/Goods/Stocks: This would indicate the values of any movable & immovable assets (or) stocks/Goods that are kept in business.  
10. Financial Position: The would indicate the cash levels either held in a bank account (or) kept in the physical custody. 


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How to understand Vedic Astrology in a proper manner?

1. The above-mentioned results are applicable both from your Moon Sign and also from your Sun Sign.

2. The place where the Moon and the Sun are placed in your natal chart is considered as your Moon Sign (Rasi) and Sun Sign.

3. If a Person has Moon in the Makara Rasi - Capricorn Sign and Sun in the Kanni Rasi - Virgo sign, then the person will have the reflection of the predictions given under both the Makara Rasi - Capricorn sign and also the Kanni Rasi - Virgo sign.

4. You must also look for your career/financial results under your Mahadasa/Antardasa/Pratyantaradasa periods.

5. You must also look for the planet's strength under the Binnashtavargha table.

6. You would be able to get crystal clearer picture of your financial and Career prospects, if you are able to summarize all the results that are derived from Points 1, 4 & 5.

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